The Stovall Grandchildren | Indianapolis Family Photographer

Trying to get a 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8 year old all together in one photo was a challenge, but somehow we managed it!  The youngest three are mine, the older two are my niece and nephew.  Our goal was a group photo for my mom for Christmas.  Mission: Accomplished!

1215_0018 copy

1215_00411215_0025 copy1215_0058 copy

…and this is why you don’t see many photos of my kids on the blog!

1215_0066 copy

A miracle!  They all looked!

1215_0076 copy1215_0098 copy

We got silly.

1215_0103 copy1215_0112 copy1215_0175 copy1215_0182 copy1215_0208 copy1215_0215 copy1215_0015

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